Audition tips

Below is a list of audition tips that will help us better cast you in one of our productions. We hope this helps guide you in the audition process, and understand how we cast our productions! Please note that all of our auditions are open to the public and we do not pre-cast! We encourage new faces and new talent to come out and audition! Good Luck!

Cold Readings
~ Get to know the play
~ Practice by reading things out loud
~ Adding some movement is fine, but too much pacing back and forth (particularly in front of other actors standing with you) drives directors crazy and is rude to the other actors

Selecting a song
~ Choose a song that is appropriate for you and shows off your vocal range
~ Find songs from similar musicals that have characters with similar traits to the characters that you think suit you
~ Steer away from songs from the show you are auditioning for
~ Keep the song length down to 1-2 minutes.
~ Don't save your best part for the end of the song. The director may cut you off before you reach the part where you shine!
~ Don't select something outrageous to make sure they 'remember you'. You are not there to entertain. You are there to prove that you're the best for the part.
~ Belting an entire song doesn't give the director a good feel of your vocal range or how your voice will blend with others.

Sheet music
~ Know that the accompanist will be sight reading
~ Make any cuts or modifications to the music easily readable
~ Select music that is not extremely challenging to play
~ Practice, practice, practice!

Audition day
Dress appropriately.
~ If it is a musical, be prepared to move.
~ Do not dress in costume unless requested, but dress in attire that suggests the role for which you are auditioning.
Do exercises on your way to audition that help you warm up:
~ tongue twisters and yawns (example: Toy boat, Irish wristwatch, A proper copper coffee pot)
~ take a few minutes before entering the building to stretch your body
Fill out your audition information and turn it in promptly
~ Review the posted rehearsal schedule. You will be expected to dedicate an enormous amount of your time and energy to this production.
~ DO fill out all your schedule conflicts! That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't get the part.

The Audition
~ Be confident.
~ Introduce yourself and the audition piece you will perform to the director and casting team and go right into it, unless otherwise instructed. We don't have enough time to spend on background information or story behind the song selection.
~ Take a second to compose yourself before you begin. Clear your thoughts, focus and GO!
~ You may be asked to do some vocal exercises with the piano. If you are asked to do these exercises, don't feel as if your audition didn't go well.
~ If you are sick the day of auditions, call the director and ask if there is an alternative time that can be arranged for your audition.
~ Most importantly, HAVE FUN with it!

Post-Audition Waiting
~ This is the time you feel most helpless. Your fate for this role is out of your hands.
~ After an audition an actor becomes his own worst critic. Often, people are tempted to explain themselves to the directors. They provide excuses or even apologies in hopes of gaining sympathy. Avoid this as much as you can.
~ Sometimes there will be many days between auditions and casting, sometimes there will be call backs to narrow down the field.
~ After the cast is selected, it's perfectly acceptable to ask the director what you need to improve upon, or what the director was looking for.

Casting Notes
~ When a show is selected, the show's characters and their abilities are studied to ensure that there are people in our community that could fill that role.
For instance:
o Bye Bye Birdie - do we think someone who can play a young Elvis-type will show up for auditions?
o A Chorus Line - do we have enough people who are great singers AND dancers to cast this show?
~ What we don't do is to PRE-CAST the show. Everyone has an equal chance to be cast in a role for a production. And CHP auditions are open to the public. We encourage new faces and new talent to come out and audition!
~ Do not ever take it personally if you are not cast.
~ Congratulate yourself on every audition you do, successful or not!