CHP is purely a volunteer organization, and we are always looking for volunteers, whether you enjoy acting on stage or helping out behind the scenes.

If you like to act, sew costumes, paint or build sets, or work on the technical side of things, we have a place for you. No experience needed.

We are also always looking for people to join our committees. Click here for a current list of committees and contact information. Below is a brief list of the various areas available.

• Acting
• Lighting
• Set Design/Construction/Painting
• Marketing
• Costumes
• Choreographing
• Children's Theater
• Committees

CHP has an open-door policy and we accept all experience levels. If you are interested in finding out the ways you can volunteer, please contact thecourthouseplayers@gmail.com.

If you would like to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities please consider joining our email list or "Like"ing our Facebook page.

Volunteer Hours Recordkeeper

We ask that volunteers keep track of the hours they put in working behind the scenes on shows or assisting with other organizational responsibilities.

We are working on a membership plan that will enable members to use these accumulated hours to offset the cost of their annual membership fee.

In addition, knowing the total hours contributed by the membership in general will be helpful when we apply for future grants.

Please keep track of your hours by using either the attached form or the online tracker located here.

Download "Court House Players Volunteer Tracker.pdf"

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